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We've started an experiment!

An Expeditionary Experiment, to glimpse into the lifecycle of an average packing peanut.

We're sending out  50 “Perpetual Peanuts” in our outgoing eBay packages to travel around the world to see what happens to them.


  • -Where did the foam peanuts in that package come from?

  • -What happens to them after you recycle them into your packages?

  • -Just how many miles are covered by the average packing peanut?

  • -That's what we're trying to find out!


  If you received a Perpetual Peanut, enter the serial number information about
that particular peanut.
  Then, and THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, forward that Perpetual Peanut with your next outgoing shipment or mailing. And the cycle continues.
  Anyone visiting the site can look up all kinds of statistics about any of the
Perpetual Peanuts floating around the world! Find peanuts in your area or state,
leave comments or information or tell us of a funny packing peanut story!

But, we need your help to keep the experiment going!  Please stop by often and
keep track of your favorite "contenders" in this great Perpetual Packing Peanut experiment!

Help keep the peanuts perpetual!

Check it out!

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to check out the other areas of our site.




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