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Photo "Peanut" Gallery

Since we are just getting started I'll put a couple pictures of me making ready the first "Perpetual Peanuts".

Not the best subject matter I admit but it's a start! Please! Send us some photos quick so we can see where
the peanuts are and such so we can get my mug off the page!


(click picture to see larger image)

1.) The first six tries painting melted the peanuts on contact. See the grey and red blobs on the table there?
 "Poor little fellers... mmhm"

2.) A hollow victory. It didn't kill the peanut but the color wasn't right. This was supposed to be the easy part. Nope

3.) Check out the "master peanut painter" testing nail polish (which didn't work btw) on a new batch.

4.) SUCCESS! Freshly painted peanuts resting in comfort on a bed of rolled bubble wrap.

5.) Testing ways to attach the  peanuts to the stars. Not this  way. It got bent up and broke  too easily. Next...

6.) That's looking better!
You can also see the writing  tests in the upper right corner  in this picture.

7.) The first three peanuts  almost ready for their voyage.

8.) Oh boy... here's yours truly.  Beaming like a proud parent!  Gad Zooks! Someone send us replacement pictures, Quick!

9.) Three little peanuts all  ready to go. I just have to tell  myself "Their just going to  camp for the summer" and  hope they'll have fun!

10.) And there they are. The  first three packages with the  first three peanuts ready to  send out into the world. I hope  we hear from them soon!

We would love
to see your
photos here!

Take your Peanut,
take a snappy
and send it over.

We'll post it jiffy-quick!

Don't forget.
Pass those Peanuts.

Who knows where
they'll end up?!



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