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Planned updates for the Perpetual Peanut website:

  •  Pictures from exotic (and not so exotic) locales and landmarks visited by the Perpetual Peanuts.
  • Search for related terms to find the Peanut that interests you the most!
  • Stories of the Peanut's adventures from the current holders
  •  Statistics, Statistics, THIS is the interesting part! For example:
    • which one had the longest "life" in days? The shortest?
    • done which peanut traveled the farthest single trip? 3000 miles?
    • done which traveled the shortest distance 1 1/2 miles?
    • done which nut visited the most number of states?
    • done what is the number of Peanuts to leave the U.S.?
    • done total mileage logged by any of the 50 Peanuts.
    • done which state gets the most Perpetual Peanuts?
    • done what's the current number of original 50 Peanuts still "in play" worldwide?
  •  done See where this Peanut has been and how long and how far it has traveled.
  •  done View the lifecycle information of the other Perpetual Peanuts currently floating around the globe!
  •  done A Perpetual Peanut blog
  •   done See about the Peanuts "doings" by going to our Locate Nuts! page.
  •  And who knows what else?! We are always looking for your suggestions!



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