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Hi There!  So... you’ve received a “Perpetual Peanut” eh?
Well Congratulations! And thanks for your interest in our Experiment!

You now have in your possession 1 of only 50 “Perpetual Packing Peanuts” traveling in packages around the world!  And now is your chance to be part of this Expeditionary Experiment. To glimpse into the lifecycle of the average packing peanut.

Anyone can check the Locate Nuts! page for Peanut progress.


It's Easy to be Part of this Experiment!

1.)  Enter YOUR particular Peanut serial number below.
Let us know the little guy arrived safe.
2.)  Then, and THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, forward that Peanut!
Put it in with your next outgoing shipment. Don’t ship a lot? Pass it on to a friend who does. Or stick it in your next love letter or payment envelope. Drop it off at a wrap-n-ship. Get creative!
If all this is too much, don’t do anything. That too, is the sad result in the life of some packing peanuts.

And, keep in mind

  •   We are not selling anything. And we are not getting paid for this project.
  •   Everything here we either bought or produced ourselves.
  •   We never sell, give away or share ANY information we may need for verification, ie: an email address.
  •   We will never ask you for ANY kind of payment for the project.
  •   We are just getting started and REALLY hope people will participate.

There are only three elements needed to track the Perpetual Peanuts:

1.) What is the serial number of your Perpetual Peanut? (this is required)
                    found on the red star attached to your Perpetual Peanut.  

2.) What is the city, state and zip code the peanut ARRIVED To? (required)
               Your City:   Your State:   Your Zip Code:

3.) What is the city, state and zip code the peanut DEPARTED From? (required)
               Their City:   Their State:   Their Zip Code:

Why do we need this?
We use the information to confirm someone is indeed in possession of one of the actual Peanuts. See, by you saying where the Peanut arrived: (your info.) and where it departed from: (their info.) a "chain" is created confirming each destination along the way, preventing fake "peanuts" showing up.

Also, if your Peanut arrives too damaged to continue we will send a replacement with a new id, for free of course, so the experiment can keep going.

That's it!
Thank you so much! Would you like to add anything else?


A comment, complaint, suggestion or story?

                                    This comment is: Public or  Private


Want to send us a picture of you with The Peanut? GREAT! Click here & send it in an email!


If you would like to leave your name and/or email address (which won't be used for any other purpose but to contact you about this site) we will notify you as more features and statistics are added.

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Let us know what you think!  Email us at:  
We welcome any comments or suggestions.


It Really Means a Lot to Us to Have You With Us!





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